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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tish'a B'Av

The ninth of Av is the day in which our forefathers rejected the Land of Israel. In the desert, fresh out of Egypt, the nation accepted the evil report of the ten wayward spies who said that the inhabitants of Canaan are too strong for us to overcome and that the Land destroys its inhabitants. The nation rejected the report of Joshua and Caleb, the two remaining spies who said that the Land of Israel is very good and that we Jews will defeat our enemies because G-d is with us.

G-d's anger was so kindled that Moses did not even ask Him for forgiveness, rather Moses only requested long-suffering, punishment meted out over time. The destruction of the two Temples on the ninth of Av was a direct result of the nation's sin in the desert.

In our generation, we are trying to rectify the sin of the spies and the nation who followed them. We CHOOSE Israel by making Aliyah, we fight for the Land by proclaiming our devotion to it in the face of enemies, and we pray with all our hearts for the day that our Temple will STAND again.

The following pictures depict a few days in the life of these ideals:

David Cohen, a veteran Oleh holds the latest Kumah sticker

Daniel Nakonechny, awaits to board a bus to the Jewish chain

My flag and I support a Jewish Gaza

The Kotel on the ninth of Av

Malkah's first time on the Temple Mount

A girl's carries the reminder of modern-day bondage
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Monday, July 26, 2004

The Unbreakable Chain

They came out to the streets, from Gush Katif to Jerusalem

They left work early and lined the highways of the Jewish State

At two-minutes to 7 the police had still not closed the intersection...

...So the young men and women of Israel did it for them

We sat down and said 'This will not stand - the nation is strong and full of faith despite our tired leadership'

The sound of Shofrot was heard in the streets of Jerusalem

Rabbi Benny was there...

So was Effie...

A goat came to protest on behalf of the Land of Israel as well...

North American Jewry was there BIG TIME. A busload of Californians came to complete the chain. We invited them to stay.

But the most awesome part of it all was to see the new Olim engage in their first act on behalf of the Land they have come home to. So Cool. Here's an account from one of the many olim chadashim in attendance.

Extensive photography of the event can be found at Jacob Richman's web site.
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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Aliyah L'Har HaKodesh

From today's Maariv:
Yossi Sarid (Meretz/Yahad) said that the government should lock the Temple Mount's gate to Jews. "The Temple Mount area is not a playground for opportunity...As Tish'a B'av nears, every man is responsible for not allowing extremists to destroy the third temple."

So the Ishmaelite shrine is our much anticipated 'third temple'?

I suppose it WOULD be kind of poetic if it is indeed the outer structure of our third temple - standing here all along waiting for the Jewish people to simply add the finishing touches.

New Olim who arrived Home last week are planning on continuing their Aliyah up Mount Moriah (a.k.a. The Temple Mount) tomorrow, Erev Tish'a B'Av

write ezra at Kumah dot org for more information
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(would like to credit whoever designed this, but don't know who did it)
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Aliyah Revolutionaries is a new blog which is designed to bring the voices of the pioneers of Judea, Samaria and Gaza to the computers of citizens of our planet - without any intermediaries.

Spread the word!

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A Must Check-Out Site!

Jacob Richman's Aliyah pages are filled with useful articles, links, and the latest photos of the Nefesh'b'Nefesh flight arrivals.
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Monday, July 19, 2004

The Israel National Radio team covering the arrival of 400 new immigrants at Ben Gurion Airport

Israel National Radio team covering the arrival of 400 new immigrants at Ben Gurion Airport" onmouseover="return addthis_open(this, '', '', 'The Israel National Radio team covering the arrival of 400 new immigrants at Ben Gurion Airport')" onmouseout="addthis_close()" onclick="return addthis_sendto()">

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Great Coverage of the Ingathering on Israel National Radio

Arutz-7 (Israel National Radio), ran an incredible live feed of the entire ceremony, including much Kumah Commentary, available here: Part 1 Part 2.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Witness the Ingathering of the Exiles!

The Aliyah Revolution was in full effect

The sound of the Great Shofar was heard...

And then the new Olim disembarked from the wings of eagles that had brought them home

And brothers were reunited...

Babies became new olim, living out the dreams of their forefathers...

Jerusalem smiled as another Torah scroll found its way Home

Yes, the Revolution is truly in high gear...

One Jewess even brought her canine on Aliyah

'And the children returned to their borders'

Ari Talks to Press
Aliyah Revolution
More Revolution
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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

T H E A L I Y A H R E V O L U T I O N . . .

Natan Gesher, Aryeh Reves and 450 Other Holy Jews Return to Zion Today!

Today is the day Nathan Gessner (Natan Gesher starting tomorrow), Aryeh Reves and 450 other fine Jews board the first of three wings-of-eagles aircraft to fly home to the Land of Israel.

Komemiyut-nikim (those who run toward Israel, not away from some threat in the Diaspora), the Nation of Israel awaits you with open arms. Kol HaKavod. May you keep on making Aliyah each day (sometimes even twice a day).

With all the packing Natan has not updated his blog in a while but I am sure we will be kept abreast with his Aliyah process as it moves along.
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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Introducing. . .

We've said it before and we'll say it again. The Aliyah Revolution is happening and singles are a huge part of it! This summer hundreds of singles are coming Home with Nefesh B'Nefesh! Others are planning to come Home soon. But sadly too many "give up" Aliyah for a fear that it will hurt their chances of getting married. On the dating scene Aliyah becomes reduced to a mere "preference."

KUMAH believes that in the Age of the Aliyah Revolution there is no need for anyone EVER to "compromise" on Aliyah - the biblical dream coming true today - for "Shidduch purposes." There are simply so many Aliyah-minded people out there all over the world. And just think your Bashert [soul mate] might be already waiting for you in Israel!

KUMAH's Project SingOlim seeks to encourage both Homeward-bound singles and single Olim alike, by pointing out how much is ALREADY being done. But we'd like to go even further. KUMAH is planning some exciting events. We're also building a database of matchmakers specializing in helping "Aliyah ONLY" singles for those that prefer that method of dating. And web construction has started on our brand new website. Soon enough singles will be able to post their profiles there.

In the meantime check out our website:
And join our Yahoo-group:


Also, KUMAH needs your help to make Project SingOlim a huge success!

We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Programmers (all types) - We would like to expand our website and add lots more functionality.

Graphics Designers - And we're always interested in making it look its best too.

Researchers - We need help gathering information (compiling lists of Shaddchin for example).

Writers/Editors - There are plans in the works for a weekly newsletter. Also we may add special features to the website as well.

Shaddchin - If you understand what singles mean when they say "Aliyah only" (not just "Shana Rishona") and would like volunteer to help these singles out, anywhere in the world, let us know!

Event Organizers - We've got lots of exciting ideas for events but need help carrying out the logistics.

Fund Raisers - Simple Equation: More funds = More of Kumah's Project SingOlim = More Success!

Married Olim and Married Future Olim - Would you like to share you story with us? Would you like to "adopt" a SingOleh or a SingOlah? We're looking to launch a Buddy/Pen-pal type program.

Miscellaneous - If you can help out any other way let us know! Even if you can't think of a way but would like to be involved - we could use manpower!

E-mail Pinchas at Kumah dot org. Include you name, contact information, where you are (eg. NY, LA, Har Nof), what talents you have and how you can help.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Still Supporting Israel?

When we, American Jews, state that we "support" Israel, what we are really saying is that we are not Israel, we are extrinsic to Israel, we are divorced from Israel. If you "support" it, you are not it.

So wrote Kumah's Yishai Fleisher last September in a widely published must-read article, Stop Supporting Israel. But American Jews still don't get it! Now mind you, this is a seemingly awkward position for Kumah to take. After all these are the "good guys" we are talking about. If we are criticizing them - who won't we criticize?

But that's our point. It is precisely those Jews - the ones that do all they can to show "support" - it is time for them to understand, while what they are doing seems good, they can do even better! They must do better! In fact, in a very strange sense being content with continually showing supporting for Israel from abroad is actually, dear I say it, harmful for the long term health of the Jewish people. We are becoming alienated. We are solidifying our standing as what Rabbi Y.S. Teichtal ZT"L termed "exile Jews." We are saying Tehillim [Psalms] "for our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael" when we should really be saying Tehillim "for Klal Yisrael." You see, there is no "US AND THEM." We are G-d's Chosen People and We are ONE People, with ONE Torah and with ONE Land!

Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail advertising this year's Orthodox Union Convention. And it truly is wonderful that they are holding it in the only place in the world where it makes sense to hold such a convention: the Holy City of Jerusalem - truly "the eternal capital of the Jewish people" as the flyer contends. Furthermore, Kumah absolutely recommends everyone go. Not only is it a great program but you can also save some big bucks on airfare! And it is very encouraging to see that one of the very first bullet points on the agenda is for strengthening Aliyah. Perhaps Kumah will even show up and suggest some of our Neo-Zionist ideas for mass Aliyah.

But what bothers us is the big banner headline exclaiming VISIT ISRAEL NOW! THE MOST EFFECTIVE SUPPORT YOU CAN OFFER. And the sub-headline, Nothing you can do for Israel is more meaningful than traveling there.

Oh, really? NOTHING? How about LIVING there?
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