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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Complete the Disengagement

Okay, so I have a rant coming soon, but my big brother just emailed me this and if my brother sends me something, I know its got to be good, but I am at work, so I couldn't read the article, so instead I asked him to give me a summary, because I do work at work... so here is what he said (but I do suggest your read the full text for yourself)

"Knock the BLEEP out of the Arabs: close their water, electricity, etc. bomb their wealthy areas, have the EU and the UN take over Gaza and its their problem. Do not allow any Arabs into Israel from Gaza NO helping them.
Period! They bomb us we do it back and harder until they realize that you
don't start with us!"

So when I read this, I was so curious who in the world was so brave to come out so strong against the Arabs and not to mention, gasp the EU and UN??? Bet you can't guess, well its Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Of course now the big challenge is to see what happens next... But at least this is a start, and maybe somethings are being moved around in the government and something good might be brewing on the horizon, so keep strong, breath, pray, believe, have faith, the good will win, and I am positive that we are good :-)

have a good one, ttfn, dftss

~ Shulamit

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Pictures from Mea Shearim

On a short walk through Mea Shearim yesterday I had my camera out - come take a look:

Inside a Jewish bookstore, a whole section just on Shmittah, the Sabbatical year for the Land of Israel

Kid's books talk about the wondrousness of the Land of Israel and the G-dly commandments which have to do solely with Land...

This page compares the Shabbat of the week to the Shabbat of the Land of Israel

In the bookstore: tons of English book for the tons of English-speakers that loaf around

A majestic palm adorns a building in Mea Shearim

...but you can't convince everyone and at least we have a vibrant democracy...

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Kahane Moment - 1977

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hayeenu KeCholmim - "We Were As Dreamers"

So Yossi Benayoun, a 27-year-old star from Dimona is following the Israeli dream - to be a success in Chutz La'aretz. What a role model for our youth. Any poor kid from Dimona will always know - one day, if your lucky, you can grow up and leave Israel - and maybe you'll get to play for West HAM!

From YNET:

Yossi Benayoun, West Ham United's midfielder, is now the highest-paid Israeli sportsman ever. Forever known as "the kid from Dimona", Benayoun, 27, has certainly grown up. He now has a five-year contract grossing him about $4.5 million a year.

"If someone would have told me, back when I was playing in Israel, that this is the way my career would be going, I would have believed them immediately...I've had a lot of dreams come true. This is one of them," said Benayoun Saturday.

In 2002 Benayoun joined Spain's Racing Santander, but he never forgot his childhood dream - to play in the English Premier League. Two years ago his dream came true, when he joined West Ham United. "I've always had people doubt me," he said, "but I only have one person to prove myself to - me," he said Saturday. "I believe I can make it even further. My dreams are far from over."

Imagine if Benayoun would have come out with a different statement:

"I appreciate the British offer, but I'm a proud Israeli, and after 2000 years of exile, I have the privilege and the responsibility to play in Israel, to put Israeli soccer on the map, and to give hope to the Israeli youth! AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!"

Alas, Binayoun has a different dream.
Hayeenu KeCholmim...

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Thunder Showers... in Jerusalem

The unusual rainy spring weather continues... I didn't have an umbrella but I did have my camera!

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A Closer Look: Immigrants to Israel

This movie was made by 16-year-old Noah Ickowitz

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A Picture is Not Always Worth 1,000 Words...

Take a moment to answer the following question:

When you picture Jerusalem, what is the first thing that comes to mind?


My guess is that whatever image popped into your mind, it wasn't the Tower of David.

All around Jerusalem, one finds the logo shown in the picture above (courtesy of Jonny Stein), commemorating 40 years since the reunification of Jerusalem, during the Six Day War in 1967.

Now, If someone asked me to suggest possible themes for a logo to commemorate 40 years since the liberation of Jerusalem, the Tower of David wouldn't appear anywhere on my list.

The Tower of David was a fortress built be Herod, and later used by the Romans, Crusaders, Muslims... and the list goes on and on - but as far as symbolizing the reunification of Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty after 2,000 years of Exile?

Not quite.

My suggestions:

* The Temple (Beit HaMikdash) - Nothing says Jerusalem quite like the Temple.

* The Kotel - If the Beit HaMikdash is too controversial, this could work (although, nothing says Exile quite like the Kotel - but that's for another post.)

* The Hurva Synagouge - particularly, the single remaining arch - Symbolizing the return of the Jewish People to their ancient holy sites...

My sense is that the Tower of David was selected precisely because, unlike any of the above suggestions, it's not overly Jewish - serving as a symbol that the Jews, Muslims and Christians of Jerusalem can all, equally, dislike.

What a wasted opportunity.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Kumah's Awards Showcase

This year (2007) Kumah picked up four JIB Awards including 1 gold medal, 2 silvers and an important bronze. We also won other awards in past years so we decided to organize all our awards in one nice clean post... let's call it our awards showcase.

We'd also like to express our gratitude to all the people that volunteered their time and put such a great effort into making these awards competitions such a success. And of course we'd like the thank our loyal readers whose voted for us! Thank you!

And a final note, during the voting we here at Kumah enjoyed learning about so many new blogs that we never heard about before. Many expressed strong neozionist ideas. So we plan on updating our blogroll accordingly. Be sure to keep an eye on it.

*** 2007 Awards ***

Kumah took the GOLD in Best Live Event Coverage for our We Return To Homesh report! Our very first Gold! Yay!

Kumah won a Silver for Best Jewish Religious Post for a post about the Shabbat Candle Ladies of Yerushalayim.

Kumah won a Silver for Best Humor Post! This was for a reader submitted post about Becoming a Real Israeli.

Perhaps one of the most important awards to us, Kumah once again (see 2006) took the Bronze for Best Group Blog!

*** 2006 Awards ***

Kumah won the Bronze Medal for Best Group Blog!

*** 2005 Awards ***

Kumah advances to the finals in five categories, Best Group Blog, Best Jewish Religion Blog, Best Life in Israel Blog, Best Overall Blog, and Best Post but comes up short among fierce competition.

*** 2004 Awards ***

Kumah won the Silver in Best Post By A Jewish Blogger for a post featuring photos from a Nefesh B'Nefesh Aliyah flight called Young and Old KEEP MAKING ALIYAH!

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Why should anyone care about Sderot?

With no end in sight to the 6 year long rocket assault on Sderot, Ari Shavit of Ha'aretz elaborates upon why those in Israel should give a damn:
It should not have been like this. Sderot is not Gush Katif. There is no debate. On the contrary: Sderot is a "Green Line" city. Sderot is a post-withdrawal city. Sderot is the righteous Israeli city after the occupation. Sderot is the future
Which leads us to Shavit's main point. Why should Israelis care about Sderot?
The attack on Sderot is a strategic attack on peace. It is an attack on the two-state solution. If the attack succeeds, there will be no chance of any future withdrawal. If the attack succeeds, the occupation will be perpetuated.
In Shavit's world,, one should care about Sderot, not because of the responsibility one Jew has for another - or even that of one human being for another, nor is he driven by the pursuit of justice. The sole reason one should care about Sderot is because if Sderot falls, so does the "peace process".

While Shavit makes the distinction between Sderot and Gush Katif clear, he fails to grasp a major distinction existing between Israel and the Arab world, which serves as the root cause for the tragedy that is Sderot.

If one looks at the "Palestinian Authority" map above, there is no green line. No distinction is made between Gush Katif and Sderot. No distinctions are needed for the simple reason that the entire Land of Israel (Palestine) belongs to them - to Islam.

If one looks at the nobility of Israeli society, what does one find? As Shavit puts it:
Sderot should have been the apple of the eye of all those preaching withdrawal in the past, and of everyone who still believes in withdrawal. Sderot should have been the city of peace writers and peace singers and peace industrialists. A "peace now" city. A city of Israeli solidarity. A city of mutual responsibility. A city where strong Israelis stand together with Israelis who are less strong in the face of Islamic zealotry.
Yet, what one finds amongst the vast majority of Israels elite is a group who questions the very right of the Jewish People to a Jewish State in the Land of Israel. After all, can it be said that Gush Katif is really anymore "occupied territory" than Sderot? Certainly there's no difference in the eyes of the Arabs. Which is why, if, as Shavit puts it, Sderot is Israel's future, then it's clear that Israel's nobility has already abandoned ship.

When Ariel Sharon said that the fate of Netzarim is that of Tel Aviv (April, 2002), he was not mistaken. Until the Jewish People recognize their absolute right to the Land of Israel and show that they are willing and able to enforce that right, there will be no peace. Not in Gush Katif. Not in Sderot. Not in Jerusalem and not in Tel Aviv.

The time has come for us - those who still believe in this fundamental and historic truth - to assume the leadership and responsibility of this country and to do so before Sderot falls.

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Outsourcing The Next Shoah

From Dan.
Yishai, Shalom - today's rant:

Why is Europe, primarily Germany, subsidizing trade with Iran (Moolah for the Mullahs)? How is subsidized trade to the benefit of the European taxpayer; it would seem to be a losing proposition. (see excerpts from an article below).

The Iranian regime is an economic basket-case with 30% inflation because the Mullahs mismanaged the oil industry and embezzled the wealth of the country. The regime would most likely collapse if not for the kind support of the German gov't. The German gov't also supports other "friendly" regimes such as those in Syria and Lebanon.

Why isn't there a Jewish/Israeli boycott of German goods. Why are we buying gadgets from these people? Why aren't there demonstrations in front of German embassies in Tel-Aviv and Washington.

Germany is conducting a second Shoah by proxy with Iran. They're outsourcing the Shoah to Iran. Why are we silent?

Kol Tuv,

Excerpts from the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal follow:

"The European Union--led by Germany, France and Italy--has long been Iran's largest trading partner ... Even more notable: Its trade with Tehran has expanded since Iran's secret nuclear program was exposed ..."

"But the real story here is that these businesses are subsidized by European taxpayers. ... has boosted Iran's economy and--indirectly by filling government coffers with revenues--its nuclear program.

"Federal Government export credit guarantees played a crucial role for German exports to Iran ... Iran tops Germany's list of countries with the largest outstanding export guarantees, totaling €5.5 billion. "

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Kassam Murder In Sderot

Today's victim was Oshri Oz, 36, of Hod HaSharon, an employee of the Sderot-based "Peretz Bonei HaNegev" construction company. Survived by his pregnant wife and 3-year-old daughter, Oshri was Israel's tenth fatal casualty of a Kassam rocket in the past three years - and the second in the past week.

Do you know what's sick?
What's sick is that we barely care, and will barely remember his name.

My wife lit a candle to honor his memory... Do whatever you can...

Here is a stupid idea that I came up with. Learn the following list of animal's names in Hebrew (if you do not already know them). When you use one of these Hebrew words in the future, remember that you learned that word the day when Oshri Oz was murdered in Sderot. Maybe in this small way he will be remembered, and his death won't be completely meaningless...

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Yom Yerushalayim Photo Essay

A week and a half ago was the 40th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem. There were all sorts of events in Jerusalem on and around the 28th of Iyar to celebrate. I participated in a few of them - I was at the Kotel at night for a festive prayer service and dancing; went to Hebrew University's Student Night concert; joined some other Kumah bloggers, recent Olim, and yeshivah students at a festive Shacharit as Rav Kook's House, featuring Shlomo Katz leading a musical Hallel; marched for part of the RikuDegalim (flag dancing parade) from Kikar Tziyon through Sha'ar Shechem and part of the way to the Kotel. I'm saving a few pictures of some reclaimed Jewish apartments in the Arab Quarter for a later post, but here are 28 (not intentionally, but coincidentally in honor of the 28th of Iyar which is Yom Yerushalayim) pictures from these festivities.

At the Kotel the night of Yom Yerushalayim - the soldiers are volunteers from South Africa (if I remember correctly)

The Old City and parts of the new city lit up for the 40th Anniversary

This banner means "Jerusalem [with 3 letters in the middle, which by themselves mean 'mine', italicized], something special for everyone":

Hebrew University's Student Night (part of their 2 day Student Day) Concert, featuring Shalom Hanoch and Aviv Gefen, among others

Shlomo Katz leads a musical Hallel at Rav Kook's House with his guitar and yeshivah students sing and dance

RikuDegalim - flag dancing parade

It rained quite a bit (odd weather for the season) and it left a big reflecting puddle at the end of Yafo Street

Entering through the Damascus Gate - Sha'ar Shechem

Dancing through the Arab Quarter of the Old City

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