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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yeah, I'll Move to Israel - When Moshiach Comes!!

As an Aliyah activist, I have been frustrated to the point of lava-hot rage by those who promise to make aliyah when the Messiah, the redeemer of Israel, comes and brings every single last Jew home to the Land of Israel.

If I were the Messiah, I'd be mighty insulted by the idea that my non-presence is used as an excuse to continue life-as-usual in the Exile.

I think I've had some success in talking to Jews about this issue. But I've NEVER heard a better remonstration than that of Aaron Fox on today's Yishai and Malkah Show at Israel National Radio.

Press "Play" below to listen to IsraelNationalRadio's "A View From Haifa"

Send it to all those "Zionists" back in the States.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Photos From TeKumah Klean-Up in the Old City

Last Friday Kumah and Yavneh Olami headed out to clean up Gan Tekumah in the Old City of Yerushalayim. Gan TeKumah is a beautiful, but sadly neglected, park located between Shar Tzion and the Kotel along the wall of the Old City. Volunteers managed to fill a dumpster and then some, with years of trash that had accumulated at the site. Trash included several shoes and boots, tons of broken glass, boxes, bottles (which were recycled) and one volunteer even found part of a burned Israeli flag (see below). The park was looking a lot better when we left and the view is just gorgeous!

After a hard days work Yishai spoke briefly about the holy site and the rest of us were rewarded with free pizza! Next time we have to remember to bring ping-pong equipment.

Anyway be sure to visit!

Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the pics!

Or click here to watch a slideshow!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This Friday -- Kumah Klean-Up in Jerusalem!!!

Kumah Klean-Up and Yavneh Olami present:

"Renewing the Old City"- Cleaning up Gan Hatekumah!

Join fellow Olim and potential-Olim as we clean up a once beautiful but now neglected park and archeological site right next to Sha'ar Tzion.

Get ready to get your hands dirty!!!

Friday morning, 12th of Cheshvan (Nov.3) at 10 am, meeting outside of Sha'ar Tzion (Zion Gate)

We will celebrate our hard work with free pizza!!!

For questions, contact Leora at Yavneh Olami 02-620-9024,

Be There!!!!!
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