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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Those Damn Jews

Read this article from Arutz 7. It is really amazing - some members of the Israeli left, including former Shabak heads, are starting to panic. Since it is already well-accepted among them that the cause of all the problems in Israel is Jews living in Yesha, they are ready to go to extreme lengths to get rid of them. From the article:
Interior Minister Avraham Poraz has a novel suggestion for getting rid of the Jewish outposts in the Shomron. Speaking on Army Radio this morning, he proposed that after outposts are dismantled and evacuated, Israel cooperate with Arab forces from the Palestinian Authority to prevent Jews from rebuilding them. Poraz said that the forcibly evacuated outposts should be turned over to Arabs from the PA, and the Jews would then not dare to return and rebuild them, for fear of confronting the Arab militia.

I'm sure that if we attempt to cooperate with the PA in the removal of Jews from their homes, probably in a violent confrontation, then we will find a "willing partner" in the PA. Later in the article, a former Shabak head compares the "hilltop youth" to Hamas. So I guess that when the PA populates the outposts with Arabs, no one will know the difference.

I don't need to carry on about the insanity of these claims. But, what can we do? First, we need to put out a positive message, not a negative one. The left is panicking because our hold on Eretz Yisrael is getting stronger, and our opportunities to capitulate to terrorists are waning. So, what will we do next? We must focus on the positive, on Jews returning to their land and building an amazing, successful, and insiring nation. Second, we must continue to help populate the land. Not necessarily just Yesha, but all of the land. Let's let the voices calling to return to the land drown out the voices calling to abandon it.


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