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Monday, November 10, 2003

Shopping in Jerusalem

I just carried maybe 100 pounds (I'm not exaggerating) of groceries from Jerusalem back to Beit-El. Thank Hashem for Yishai's humongous backpack. I took a tremp (hitchhike) in to Jerusalem, despite my continual inability to understand questions people are asking me. I sat next to two other sweet hitchhikers - Tzofia and Leah. They practiced their English on me and did quite well. Turns out Leah's mom spent many years in the US. Turns out she is the daughter of the late Rav Meyer Kahane, z''l. I asked Leah if she had ever met her grandfather - she did, when she was little.

Last night Yishai and I saw Arabs working in Beit-El, I think for a private employer, carrying some heavy objects or something. This sort of activity, even in the private context, has to stop, particularly in a place where we are so adamant about the Jewishness and Jewish sovereignty of Israel. Can't we find some strong Jewish young men to do this work? Or can't we pay more so Jews will take the jobs? Aren't people complaining about unemployment while religious Jews hire Arabs in Israel? It doesn't make sense to me.


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